Petition to Japanese government to encourage Asian countries to stop deporting Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees.

Petition to Japanese government to encourage Asian countries to stop deporting Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees.

We are doing the Petition to Japanese government to encourage Asian countries to stop deporting Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees. Anyone lives in Japan can participate this petition even s/he does not hold Japanese citizenship.

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Petition to Japanese government to encourage Asian countries to stop deporting Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees.

[ Objective of the Petition ]
Uyghurs who have succeeded to escape from suppression by the Chinese Communist Party seeking for asylums in third nations are being deported by the third nations.
The International Law takes the principle of Non-refoulement and it prohibits the deportations and displacements of the refugees’ whose lives and freedoms could be threatened back in their home country. We make this petition to Japanese government, which has strong connections with Asian countries, to request them not to carry out the deportation that is against the principal of the international society.

Uyghurs defecting from China
Since the riots in Urumqi in 2009, the Capital of `Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region`, the suppression against Uyghurs by the Chinese government has been worsened.
For the reason above, the numbers of Uyghurs defecting to foreign countries are increasing. The popular destinations are the Central Asia and South Asian countries for the easier transportation reason from China and in many cases, Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees stay in those Asian countries temporally till they find Americas or European countries that accept them as proper migrants.
However the Chinese government falsify that these asylum seekers and refugees are criminals and put pressures on the governments of the countries that people are applying asylums to deport them back to China. Deportation of Uyghur asylum seekers and refugees are promoted by active economic relationship between China and Asian countries.

December 2009 Cambodian government deported 20 Uyghurs including 2 children. The UNHCR was negotiating with several countries that might accept them as refugees.
May 2011 Kazakhstan deported Mr. Ershidin Israil, who was recognized as a refugee by UNHCR.
July 2011 Pakistan deported 5 Uyghurs including 2 children and Thailand deported 1 Uyghur.
August 2011 Malaysia deported 11 Uyghurs.

Apart from above, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Laos, Nepal and some other countries deported Uyghurs to China in recent years. From the past cases, there is a possibility that the deported Uyghurs can face the long-term imprisonment or death sentence.

Compliance with the International Rules
Chinese government has restrained the free speech and violating the human rights against Chinese nationals who have critical opinions about Chinese government. It is a fatal breach of Charter of the United Nations, which China serves as one of the permanent members, and China’s constitution and law.
Deporting political refugees is violating Convention against Torture, principle of Non-refoulement (that forbids the expulsion of a refugee into an area where the person might be again subjected to persecution) and similar international law. The Asian countries that deported Uyghur refugees and asylum seekers deserve the accusation that they used Uyghurs’ lives as a bargaining tool to obtain economical profit in return.
As a part of the international society that values peace and human rights, we request Malaysian government to take diplomatic policy to respect human rights and comply the international rules.

[ Petition to the Japanese government]
We, the under signed, demand Japanese government to discuss the matter at Foreign Affairs Committee or equivalent committee to make a tangible foreign policy to make it able to request Asian countries (Kingdom of Cambodia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, The Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia, Republic of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal and so forth) the followings.

Stop deporting the Uyghur political asylum seekers and refugees back to China since it is a fatal breach of the International law.
Pass the custody of those Uythur political asylum seekers to the UNHCR or any equivalent organization if the government does not have the capacity to accept them.

*Based on personal information protection law, we use the collected signature list directory for submission.
And, since it submits separately with the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, if you possible sign two sheets.

This petition will be closed 31st Jan. 2013, and after adjusting at a Japanese Uyghur association, we submit this to Japan Parliament.

Please send the petition to:
Musashiya sky bld. #405, 16-11 Tomihisa-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 162-0067 JAPAN 〒162-0067 東京都新宿区富久町16-11 武蔵屋スカイビル405 日本ウイグル協会(請願書在中)