Culture of Uighur

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Heitokaru Mosque in Kashgar

In the culture of the people living in East Turkestan, dance and music occupies an important position. Style of music can be broadly classified by the lifestyle of each ethnic group.

The music of nomads such as the Kirghiz and Kazakh people, me singing and solo string instruments by simple wooden which is mainly a. There is what is called a Cui in the form of instrumental music, which tells the story named after the song, in which then start playing the song.

Settled agricultural people such as Uighurs, and that you have a variety of music styles, and that are used in large instrument is characterized by contrast.
Music of the Uyghurs, is divided into a classical music called the zoom cam, and the popular music of the newly created on the basis of folk songs, folk dance music, these. Uyghur zoom cam, is one style of music Makamu commonly found in Central Asia and West Asia, there are a variety of rhythm, structure is complicated.
Enough is said to be ". You sing it and start talking. Dances children and begin walking", Uighurs prefer dance and music. Instrument to be played is a stringed instrument percussion tambour, Dotaru, such as Rawapu, wind instruments such as Senai (Charumera), Dap, and Nagra.
Butoh method consists rhythm and step, from a unique configuration. Public and recreational dance, some of the playability, those that mimic the animal, such as a variety of dance styles also.
At the time of the entertainment and gatherings of local festival called "Mashurapu", private dance is played mainly.

Zoom cam

Uighur zoom cam is a suite to be played by the orchestra of traditional instruments, it has been registered as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005. It consists of three parts, each part is named Chung Naguma, Dasutan, and Mashurapu.
Chung Naguma is a means "Omagari" is begins from the start of the soloists sing without beat.
It is a means "epic", 4-5 songs usually is played musical instruments and song Dasutan.
Mashurapu means "dance", 3-5 songs are playing instruments and singing, traditional dance is played at this time. That when the Mashurapu is a festival of the region, songs from this part is played as dance music alone often.

Tradition there are multiple for each region of East Turkestan, there Hami-zoom cam, Turpan-zoom cam, the input and the zoom cam, Doran-zoom cam, and Kashgar, the zoom cam zoom cam.
Among these, it is well known under the name Kashgar-zoom cam that 12 zoom cam. It consists of the zoom cam consisting of modal 12, and a song nearly 300 total. It is said that for about two hours to take the performance of the zoom cam of one, and take the 1st close to you play all.
Tradition of the zoom cam 12 dates back to the court music of the Yarkand-Khanate in the 16th century. Under the Abu Rasheed de second generation Sultan, it is said by the teacher and Kidiruhan Aman'nisahan its wife, foundation of the zoom cam 12 has been built.

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