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Medium华人people Republic national group area Autonomy Law

July 1, 2013
First after-party 议通 sixth over - Notification of National People's Congress May 31, 1984 medium 华人 people Republic national group area Autonomy Law. Chapter ethnic autonomous region twentieth-order Conference on "关于 personal reformation <medium 华人 people Republic national group area Autonomy Law> specific decision" ninth Notice of National People's Congress always 务委 committee February 28, 2001 Ne据 Amendment) Me录 introductory first chapter 总则Fu则 级国 Ietsukue 关的 职责 Chapter VII basis erected sum autonomy desk 关的 Composition third chapter autonomy desk 关的 autonomy 权 fourth chapter ethnic autonomous regional people's court sum basis 检察 People's Council Chapter V ethnic autonomous region within ethnic relations sixth chapter on. ..

Coverage of mothers that made ​​the petition in Karamay (8)

June 23, 2013
And toward the Government-Municipal (Karamay) Karamay in order to petition to solve the problem of employment of the son or daughter: 6 days departure News (8) Uighur Online (reporter Nijatkar) 6 month coverage of mothers that made the petition in Karamay parents of Uighurs were receives a savage response to the police side of the field during the petition. The past few days, petition those who comprised of parents who Uighurs mainly solve the problem of employment of children properly in the new 疆油 fields company petition station so-called, called "No. 2 building" China Petroleum (China Petroleum and Natural 气集 团公 Tsukasa) I was waiting to reply like to come, but the authorities complained their ...