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And march to protest the Chinese government, I'm going to study sessions and symposiums about Uyghur problem. And has participated in support as Japan Uyghur Association in the event of other organizations such as the Southern Mongolia and Tibet in activities other than those listed in the table.

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Activity history


It is named the Japan agent <br /> Mahamuti Mr. Ilham, March 13, from the World Uyghur Congress.

April 26
I'll give 20 flag Uyghur flag for the first time at the torch relay in Nagano.

June 10
World Uyghur Congress Vice President Seitto-Tomutoruko Mr. Japan. Japan Uyghur Association is established at this time. Mr. Ilham is chosen president.

June 25
I do the first time, the demonstration of East Turkestan support the "world held the same day demo" in Japan.

August 3
I do "suppression of human rights, Olympic protests of human life sacrifice" a demonstration of the second time.

August 23
First time Uighur study session

October 18, the 19th

Demo and Tibet, Mongolia, three Uighur ethnic solidarity Symposium.

November 1
By pulling alignment of His Holiness the Dalai Lama office, Japan Uyghur Association chairman Ilham-Mahamuti the conference alone and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

November 15
It also serves as East Turkestan Republic Independence Day event, to perform a second time Uighur study session.

Join the free market and the Tokyo Dome City <br /> Free Tibet Market December 21, took place at Prism Hall. I have sold the East Turkestan goods.


February 7
To carry out the demonstration for the third time, "Yining incident memorial East Turkestan support demonstration" in the Uighur alone.

March 18
Was held "and the Role of Japan nuclear test disasters in China Silk Road" Symposium in Kenseikinenkan of Tokyo.

Cooperation in march and <br /> first time Osaka Uighur study meeting April 5.

May 21 to 25
World Uyghur Congress third plenary meeting, which was held in Washington, USA, Japan Uyghur Association chairman Ilham-Mahamuti was attended by the East Turkestan supporters such as Japan.

July 3
Simultaneous worldwide protest. Against Uighur workers attack massacre that took place in June 26, 2009 in toy factories in China Guangdong Shaoguan City, and submitted a statement to protest the incident to the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, Minato-ku, Moto-Azabu.

July 8
I have protested the massacre of Uighurs Uighurs in Japan is happening in Uighur region in China embassy.

July 12
We had the "Uighur massacre protest demonstration by the Chinese government." Protest at the Chinese Embassy before. Gaisen Station and march in Shibuya. Person of the various ethnic people, about 700 people gathered.

July 13
For Uighur massacre, Ilham-Mahamuti gave a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents' Club.

July 19
Ilham-Mahamuti was attended by supporters of the Kansai area to "Osaka fifth East Turkestan Demo".

July 26
I was held, "What? Is happening in emergency Symposium Uighur" the.

July 28 to 30
Japan Rebiya Kadeer's.

August 1 to 4
"Ilham-Mahamuti Kyushu lecture tour". I have a lecture Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima. Organizers are the group of citizens to correct the atomic bomb exhibition and Nagasaki Japan conference.

Day of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb 06-August 9
August 5, Ilham-Mahamuti participated in the "National Action to think about Hiroshima and Nagasaki Uyghur nuclear issue" of the channel sponsored by Sakura.
August 6, held a "meeting to consider the nuclear exposure of Uighur" in Japan Uyghur Association sponsored. I made ​​a Gaisen in Atomic Bomb Dome around.
August 9, I attended the "meeting to consider the damage caused by the nuclear tests in the World" meeting organized by considering the radiation damage of the world in Nagasaki.

August 15
Ilham-Mahamuti took part in the "distribute flyers at Yasukuni Shrine before the anniversary of the end of World War II" of East Turkestan supporters organized. I was distributing flyers to appeal the Uyghur problem and Uighur fan of supporters production.

September 26
Three ethnic solidarity rally and demonstration to protest the 60th anniversary of the founding the People's Republic of China

October 1
Ilham-Mahamuti gave a protest at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo, Minato-ku, National Day section of '60 China founding in (National Day).

November 14
Memorial Lecture and second times East Turkestan independence celebrations

14 - December
The press conference upon Xi Jinping China National Vice President visit to Japan
December 14, press conference of Japan Uyghur Association organized was held from 14:00 pm Xi Jinping China's National Vice President visited Japan.
The action upon Xi Jinping China National Vice President visit to Japan
"Demonstrations during Xi Jinping visit to Japan," the "meeting to consider the Uyghur problem" organized was held on May 12.

19 - December
Action seeking Uighurs deported withdrawal of 20 people Cambodia → China

December 27
I met with Dr.楊建interest of visiting Japan. Folded to understand deeper issues Uighur, Tibetan Dr., until now was also we have to cooperate with Uighur organization of extrinsic.


January 24
Mr. Urukeshi visiting Japan and (Uarukaishi), I had the dinner in the Uighur supporters and Japan Uyghur Association members.

February 7
Second Yining incident memorial event

March 28
Held a meeting outdoor ed Uighur cuisine

April 11
"~ Day ~ Nagano is no longer in Japan Looking back on the torch relay two years ago Asia invasion of China to expand" Japan Uyghur Association sponsored lecture

May 19 to 24 2010年
World Uyghur Congress leaders visit to Japan . Seitto-Tomutoruko Vice President, fill-Kanatto Vice President visited Japan. Meeting with the Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers, welcome reception and press conference at the Kudan Kaikan. I did "The Role of Japan and the future of the Uighur" Symposium (Sakurai Yoshiko Mr. nonfiction writer, Hideyuki Sekioka).

-5日July 4, 2010
"One year of protest 7.5 Urumqi massacre". Protest march in Tokyo on the 4th. I have filed a protest statement to the Chinese Embassy to the 5th.

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