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To everyone East Turkestan, Uighur supporters

Thank you support activities!

Now, "Uighur problem" has been widely reported around the world.
By hosting the Beijing Olympic Games, the world has become a form that have focused on the "minority oppression and disregard for human rights of the Chinese government" ironically. Supporter of many who have been active for Uighurs in Japan of course. For Uighurs, it is really encouraging.

Please become supporters of Japan Uyghur Association

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Please join workshops, screenings, in exchange meeting!

AC enjoy screenings television documentary accused protests and to protest against the repression of the Chinese government, study sessions, a China nuclear test in order to understand the current situation and the history of the East Turkestan "Death on the silk road", the food of the Uighur such meeting, and has made a variety of events in Japan Uyghur Association.

Information for the event because it will notice on this site, please join us.

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I am selling the East Turkestan goods!

Flag of East Turkestan

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Donations to Japan Uyghur Association

Anyone, I am accepted even from much for donation. There is no such deadline or a straight-line basis.
In the case where you can agree with the activities of the Japan Uighur Association, I ask that you please help us.

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