Uighurs went missing after the incident 7.5 (22)

June 9, 2013
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Uighurs went missing after the incident 7.5 (22)

It became clear for a new missing person cases to 75 or later on our information, our house instruments bread Prefecture Aksu district: that there are unknown one person even (Chinese name 乌什 县) was found. Imine-Mumin name of the missing person (Imin mömin IAkira • 莫明). At the time, 2009, 28-year-old. It is the father of six-year-old son. His father was living with imine-Mumin has died in a heartbreaking missing after it went missing. Currently, wife and sister of the imine-Mumin is living in physical labor tight in Urumqi, It is said that looking for his whereabouts at the same time.

Imine-Mumin was arrested stopped by police in front of the oil tank near the racecourse when to go home when he finished work on July 5 in the construction workers. Was stayed and he was four, including him, when it was stopped by the police, and fled quickly, two friends and imine was caught left, two and imines 1 one brother imine months or so later, one other person received a prison term of '17 also, been released. However, after the arrest, information had ceased completely imine-Mumin.

Wife and sister he has continued to research the whereabouts of the imine, has said that there is no registration of a person such a government department, a department had been made to register with the search's information him, but What answers do not come back until now to family.
When the sister of imine-Mumin went to the police station of Urumqi, some police officers look at the pictures of the imine-Mumin, said he is similar to the person who interrogation in this police station, but clearly It could not be finalized.

My father lived with the heartbreaking missing son of immigrants died grieving the missing son in 2011. Sister and his wife live in Urumqi and only son. The two women that are living and engaged in agricultural labor, such as cotton collected more work of cleaning, and construction workers. In addition, that are looking for information on the unknown person to go government departments, the police, and to prison at the same time.

The above is the 22nd round of information of missing people in 75 incidents since.
It has been found to completely identity (September 25, 2012) of 27 people to date. 11 of whom from Urumqi, Kashgar from the nine, five are from Hotan, two is Aksu.

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