Infringement of freedom in East Turkestan

May 14, 2013
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Infringement of freedom of expression in East Turkestan

Infringement of freedom of expression in East Turkestan "infringement of freedom of expression in East Turkestan" is a summary of the current status of freedom of expression that Uighurs have been placed, has been published as a booklet from WUC in November 2011.
The explanation that the incident that occurred in Urumqi on July 5, 2009 at the beginning led to the acceleration of the infringement to the freedom of expression of Uighurs then, followed by the legal system concerning freedom of expression in China, "National Security It is to silence dissent peaceful Uighur harm sin by (ESS) ", are described the current situation regarding freedom of information and speech of China and East Turkestan, for such influence, to the Uighur people of" Jasmine Revolution " have. This booklet provides an overview of the case of Uighurs were detained by the exercise of rights expression, opinion, and freedom of speech.
People like contains the following information about this case. : Abdul-Memettomin crab, dill shut Peruhatto, Hairetto-Niyaz, Gurumira imine, Mefubube-Abureshu, Memetojan Abdulla, Aburikimu-Abudo~ureimu, Alim Abudo~ureimu, Trou Sun Jean Hesen here refer from.

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