Nuclear experiments conducted in East Turkistan

May 12, 2013
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Nuclear experiments conducted in East Turkistan

1. Overview of China nuclear test

Japan is the first country exposure. But it is not a country exposure of up to also, not the only country exposure.
China, was carried out nuclear tests in East Turkestan (Xinjiang), and environmental pollution and extensive exposure to local residents has been brought about.

In the nuclear test site of Lop Nur of East Turkestan, a total of 46 times, China was carried out nuclear tests (about 1370 Hatsu-bun of Hiroshima atomic bomb) 22 megaton explosion total output from 1964 to 1996. Done for the first experiments of surface burst type of 20 kilotons on October 16, 1964, nuclear explosion of maximum output is a surface nuclear explosion of 4 megatons of November 17, 1976. For a long time, the actual situation of China's nuclear test was unknown.

Lop Nur

Students that was opposed to nuclear testing in Lop Nur in the demonstration in East Turkestan in the 1980s According to Mr. Eisa Dorukun-of WUC.

However, there was never known outside of China.

[1], it is documentary called "Death on the Silk road" on Channel 4 in the UK in 1998 Uighurs, Azato-Akimubeku, click-Mufurishi should Yushumu complained the status of the exposure in the world nuclear victim tournament in 1992 was broadcast. However, there was never a situation of exposure of East Turkestan are known very much in Japan.

Takada professor of Sapporo Medical University to analyze data and NEDIPS of Kazakhstan, by the calculation of the RAPS system [2] in 2008, was inferred casualties of more than one million exposed persons and come.

The "ground nuclear explosion", because the fission product nuclides were mixed surface material (such as gravel) serves as the dust of the mass, to drop to leeward and peripheral, the range of the nuclear disaster in comparison with nuclear airburst Among the nuclear test will be larger. The Chinese government has made in the residential area, such as Uighurs, a dangerous experiment like this.

Kazakhstan away 1000 km from the test site, is said to be the amount of radiation that affect the human body in Kyrgyzstan. It is believed that nuclear testing has been done until 1996, and has continued with the environmental damage and health problems of the people of East Turkistan even today.

2. Comparison with the nuclear test of nuclear powers other

China is a nuclear weapons state, who knows a lot is that it has a nuclear test, but the extensive damage is out by the nuclear test is not well known yet.

Table 1

Situation of the damage does not come transmitted only count for nuclear test of China nuclear test number, the total explosive power has overwhelmed the other countries the United States, the former Soviet Union and also look at the Table 1 [3]. (Bikini Atoll, Atoll Eniu~etokku) the Pacific Ocean, the United States has conducted a nuclear test large-scale Arctic Ocean in (Ostrov Novaya Zemlya) Soviet Union.

Unforgettable for the Japanese in particular it is Bravo experiments America said in Bikini Atoll in 1954. That the 23 crew members of the fifth Lucky Dragon is exposed blew coral reefs by hydrogen bomb of 15Mt "fallout" is lowered, Kuboyama Aikichi Mr. died in that year is well known.

The feature is that the United States, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, France conducted a large-scale experiments offshore, in the Arctic, it has a nuclear test small-scale inland.

Table 2

It is a large-scale ground nuclear testing inland, in a residential area near a feature of nuclear testing in China not in the other countries.

You're a nuclear test huge orders of magnitude when compared to other countries as ground nuclear testing in the inland as can be seen in Table 2 [4]. China is a huge order of magnitude between the maximum 4000kt the United States, the United Kingdom, France whereas such 65kt below. Went the megaton surface nuclear test in the inland it is only China.

You see by comparing the Lop Nor test site and the Semipalatinsk test site of an element of the same common inland, that was a communist bloc.

Semipalatinsk has conducted a number of experiments of about 10 times and 456 times compared with 46 times of Lop Nur, but 10 times better in China on average Semipalatinsk has exceeded the 22Mt is Lop Nur to 18Mt total explosive power You can see that it was a large nuclear explosion or more. Nuclear explosion power (air, ground) in the atmosphere has more than 90% in China explosion power (air, ground) in the atmosphere, whereas such 40% or less in the Semipalatinsk even breakdown of the nuclear explosion power.

China has more than 20Mt Soviet Union whereas a 7Mt When comparing the total explosive power (air, ground) in the atmosphere within. The surface nuclear test of megaton has not been implemented in Semipalatinsk.

Table 3

(Conducted once airburst 1.6Mt in 1955 as a nuclear test of megaton of Semipalatinsk)

3. Risk of surface nuclear test

Figure 2 -

Why ground nuclear explosion or will dangerous. There heat rays, blast, initial radiation, the residual radiation energy release of nuclear explosion. And directly under the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Heat rays, blast, initial radiation was harm to residents. Exposure to residual radioactivity is the problem, rather than damage to residents directly below the nuclear test site in general.

Nuclear test site in each country is provided with safety zone, with the exception of China

It does not heat rays, blast, initial radiation leads to direct damage. Stratosphere rose to many, airburst to dilute the particle is small amount of radioactive material, such as a small amount of ash that burned like hot wire is small as the difference in the surface burst and explosion in the sky. Serious damage does not occur in spite of the scale for the explosion. [5]

Figure 3

Surface burst results in serious damage for lowering the radioactive material in a large amount of downwind region hoisting a large amount of large particles of the soil of the earth's surface, such as gravel for this. [6]

Figure 4

Explosion power, an important factor, not the number of experiments simply by exposure damage of nuclear test

If it were done in the residential area populous inland, or surface burst, whether it is important to power explosion.

The treaty residents by nuclear tests in the atmosphere already in those days PTBT (Partial Test Ban Treaty) is fastened to the 1963 China went a nuclear test for the first time is October 16, 1964 PTBT [7] was signed among the anti-nuclear movement swells it can be seen that the damage has been brought to.

China was also know enough about the dangers of surface nuclear test the United States, and the Soviet Union has shifted to underground nuclear test from experiments in atmospheric nuclear tests, but China's 1981 nuclear tests in the atmosphere I was carried to.

Are said to be underground nuclear test in 1982 or later, but Aniwaru-Tofte Mr. lecture when the Japan Uighur Association in March 2009 as a testimony that I heard from the old man shepherd Kumul in 1993 to

Never seen a God, such as "there is" his or her "old man. It is also 100 times the sun was bright. And the ground shakes large, and that became a fierce storm. He was a half-length keloid. I made a test soldiers took him to the hospital. And that bought all the sheep of hundred or more animals to his sheep. The old man, died two years later. I was talking to. " [8]

It is believed that stories you heard of Aniwaru Mr. from those of nuclear testing at the time is the time you have migrated to underground nuclear testing already in 1993, but that the old man of the shepherd that saw the fireball of the nuclear test underground nuclear It may be said that it was something less-than-experiment.

Originally, underground nuclear test is done in containment deep underground radioactivity in order to no effect on the residents of the nuclear test site around. But I think a nuclear explosion and they could use in industry, what type of crater explosion blowing off the topsoil and allowed to nuclear explosions at shallow underground dare were considered.

There is a possibility was a crater-type explosion underground nuclear test in China.

Figure 5

Radiation dose of nuclear testing in China Makanchi side of the northwest you can see from the data, but of Lop Nur nuclear test Not all obtained from the data of Kazakhstan.

I do not know at the moment surface burst of 4 megaton is whether the downwind region in either direction. Testimony of the victim or the like Jarukento even a little south of Makanchi other than I thought the ability of the damage of exposure is widespread there is is high. [9]

4. And "Death on the Silkroad"

Incidence rare disease, of cancer is higher than that of the other provinces of China in East Turkistan nuclear test in China has been carried out, I is believed to be due to the influence of the nuclear test. TV station Channel 4 l United Kingdom, documentary called "Death on the Sik road" was broadcast in July and August of 1998. The field survey was in this documentary is Aniwaru, Mr. Tofte Uighur doctor.

Aniwaru he was convinced that there is a connection with the nuclear test this in a survey of two years to realize that cancer incidence Uighur higher than that of Han Chinese living in mainland China when I was working at a hospital in Urumqi as surgeon .

Visit the villages of East Turkestan confidentially as crew of Channel 4, Mr. Aniwaru were health survey of people probably due to exposure in 1998. So that the effect is reduced in mainland China, nuclear test was conducted to choose when the wind blows from the east to the west. Therefore, it is considered that nucleation material was dropped in a large amount toward the west Lop Nur. In fact, there was also a village just baby brain development or not, only cleft lip and palate is born.

Incidence of cancer of Uighur surge in the 1970s, shows a number higher by 30% or more compared to the incidence of the Chinese nation since the 1990s. Because you do not publish the damage of nuclear testing, you do not want to allow also field survey, the Chinese government has been left exposed to those who over more than 40 years.

Figure 6-7

5. Summary

Where is also very reluctant to exposure victims of nuclear tests of its own, but a result of exposed persons in each region raised his voice, every country's limited, but research, compensation and have been enforced nuclear powers.

I compare the situation of Lop Nur and Semipalatinsk easily in Table 4 below. Investigation against nuclear testing in China, compensation to the residents not been done at all for now. It is at present support activities to exposed persons of the local's can not, in the past Oulx-Iriewa the atomic and hydrogen bombs ban World Conference was accused of, but there is currently no support such as anti-nuclear, from peace groups. [10]

Table 4

# China began only support for veterans. [11]

There might be a need to analyze data such as the fourth clinic in the former Soviet Union in the Kazakhstan for research in the field is difficult current situation. In addition, I do not see but also to have been analyzed lesser-known paper of Dr. Boris Gushefu was the director of the clinic as well [12].
It should not not start by figure out what is going on first to let you know many people this problem.


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