Notice (sit-in) protest in Japan Mongolian

June 20, 2011
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Notice (sit-in) protest in Japan Mongolian

We had announced in China embassy on Monday, protests in Japan Mongolians and take place May 30.
Thank you If you take your convenience.

Blog organizer Mr. Bar-Bordeaux

Basic human rights of agro-pastoralists of grassland, Ya life occurred in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and West Ujumuchin flag, protest to the disaster that Hikikoroshi deliberately herdsman at the track, behind them, and destruction, of ecology and grassland due to overexploitation for that act against such neglect of the property, the People's Republic of China Constitution, ethnic autonomous area method, such as grassland method has been carried out, as described below, at the Chinese Embassy in Japan before protests Mongolian All of them (sit-in) it was decided to implement.

The activities of this time, there for the purpose of maximum be under the laws of the People's Republic of China, for the misconduct of the above, and at the same time seek to protest strongly, respect for basic human rights, and protection of grassland. You stated that not to sue the principles and policies of individual individuals and groups, of any group, it is a protest related to "5.11 disaster".

I think that it is therefore in everyone of the participants, I understand the purpose of the above, in protest place, and I would like you to the consideration of the maximum so as not to trouble such as passers-by also, I have follow the instructions on the site, thank you Thank you.

Japan Mongolians many and I look forward to your participation and support of volunteers. For more information, later on because it will let you know, please adjust the schedule by all means the person who is participating.

In addition, in consideration and safety of your own future, Participants, or put mask, sunglasses, it is also recommended undercover.

(Mon) 13:00 to 15:30 set May 30: 12:30 date

Next to the tax office of linen, just before the embassy: the meeting place. Protest activities, carried out in a designated location under the rear support of the police.

How activities: such as slogan and protest statement distributed on the day. (. 5 people each perform in front of the embassy) according to the instructions of the police, carried out protest activities in groups.

* This information, please forward to more and more friends and acquaintances of everyone.

With regard to protest this, and refrain from claims of individual political and partisan,
I will do in effect that seek only the two points as "respect for human rights" and "environmental protection" against the Chinese government.

The other teacher that it is Yobikakenin, it is not intended that there are organizers organizers and in particular a fixed,
Its supporters and Mongolia who wish in south Mongolia as "respect for human rights" and "environmental protection" gathered spontaneously,
It is a thing in the Chinese Embassy nearby, that expressed their protest against the "5.11 Xilin pastoralists and murders".

The person who can agree to this effect, I do not care if I have to participate as an individual or organization.
However, foreign carrot regime Senkaku problem or problems, such as separate and independent request and pro-democracy,
Claims about specific issues not directly related to this incident I will refrain.
Please protest will focus on two points as "respect for human rights" and "environmental protection" to the last.
It, please be understood to be a consideration for to make it easier to join the Mongols as much as possible.

In addition, we want to raise as a universal problem to protect the value of mankind and not as ethnic problem,
More ethnic Mongols than people, or welcome your participation towards the Chinese in particular

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