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News from the Association


◆ evening to learn 2014/03/23 Uyghur Music (3/28)

◆ Consider the 2014/03/06 China Yunnan indiscriminate stabbing incident

◆ month scholar who had appealed to the world the truth of 2014/02/15 Uighur, from Mr. Ilham-Tofutei unfair arrest

◆ The wake-up call to slaughter 2014/01/06 WUC, by Kashgar Public Security

◆ 2014/01/05 emergency protest the Chinese government to stop the genocide! (1/12 day)


◆ 2012/11/25 "national problem of China - to think from Uighur and Mongolia" Mr.楊海British lecture

◆ "The fate of Japan and East Turkestan" 2013/10/23 2013 East Turkestan independence celebrations

◆ The Japan Uyghur Association statement to the People's Republic of China 2013/09/30 National Day

◆ 10月study session 2013/09/26 Japan Uyghur Association (2013/10/12)

◆ The "dismissal if rash scarf" 2013/09/23 - Hotan Prefecture district Karakashi Manrai Township

◆ 2012/09/22 Hoisting Flag in Mosque Angers Uighur Muslims

◆ letter to lawmakers from 2013/09/19 Japan Uyghur Association

◆ information of incidents 2013/09/18 Kashgar Prefecture district Posukamu Kuibagu Town

◆ 2013/09/15 "human rights violations Uighur woman" Gulistan 9 / the 28th

◆ Public Safety is shot dead 15 people Uighurs in Kashgar district 2013/08/27 Kargilik Prefecture

◆ The flyer distribution on the damage of Uighur nuclear 2013/8/1 August 6

◆ 2013/07/04 مئللى رهھبئرئمئز رابئيه قادئر هانئمنئڭ ياپونئيهدئكى ۋهتهنداشلارغا يوللئغان سهمئمى سالئمى

◆ information of East Turkestan and Hotan 2013/07/03

◆ 2013/07/01 correction, "four anniversary protests 7.5 Urumqi massacre" in 2013 reprinted

◆ 28 days 2013/06/29 June, or the incident in Hotan district

◆ "four anniversary protests 7.5 Urumqi massacre" 2013/06/29 2013

◆ "before the Chinese Embassy to protest Piqan Prefecture Rukuchun incident" 30 days 2013/06/29 emergency June

◆ message to everyone in Japan from 2013/06/28 World Uyghur Congress president Rebiya

◆ 26 days 2013/06/26 June, or the incident in the district To~urupan Piqan Prefecture?

◆ The decision of the court of the prison can not be after China, in the Muslim Uighur

◆ coverage of mothers who were in the petition can not be after Karamay (8)

◆ coverage associated with Labia president visit to Japan "solidarity forum for Japanese-Uighur freedom", information 2013/06/22

◆ (Sat) "four anniversary protests 7.5 Urumqi massacre" July 6, 2013 2013/06/16 takes place.

◆ solidarity forum for Japanese-Uighur freedom can not be after the World Uyghur Congress president Rebiya Kadeer visit to Japan

◆ It was announced from the World Uyghur Congress is called seek independent investigation of the incident Mararubeshi 2013/05/01

◆ 2013/02/08 Uighur human rights activist Atikemu-alley was taken by the public security of China from his home in Tokusu Prefecture

◆ Notice (Sat) Yining incident memorial event on February 9, 2013 2013/01/28


◆ "so as to stop the deportation of Uighur exiles, petition seeking approach from the Government of Japan to Asia" 2012/11/22

◆ Notice of Memorial Lecture and (day) East Turkestan Independence Day event November 11, 2012 2012/10/19

◆ 29 September 2012 2012/10/01 Taiwan "Friends of Uighur" establishment preparatory committee established

◆ rally Hiroshima and Nagasaki to consider the exposure of (month) Uyghur the 6th (Sat) - August 4, 2012 2012/07/31

◆ booklet that was distributed at the World Uyghur Congress Congress Opening Ceremony May 14, 2012, 2012

◆ About religious oppression that took place from May to June 2012 11 Jun 2012

◆ "three anniversary protests 7.5 Urumqi massacre" 10 Jun 2012 2012

◆ LDP lawmakers submitted a letter of protest to the Chinese ambassador in our joint names regarding Uyghur problem May 18, 2012 18 May 2012

◆ For the schedule of 27/04/2012 World Uyghur Congress Fourth Congress during

◆ support the message of 2012/04/25 World Uyghur Congress Fourth Congress held

◆ The statement upon Tibetan massacre of January 2012 27 Jan 2012

◆ About 2012 Yining incident memorial event

◆ The statement for the 2012 World Uyghur Congress 4th Congress

◆ About Mukuira incident of 2012 Hotan


◆ message to everyone in Japan from 2011 World Uyghur Congress Chu EU parliament special plenipotentiary representative Memetto Mr.

◆ ask for your participation and support of the November 17, 2011 to the "World Human Rights Day, multi-ethnic parade in Shibuya"

◆ study sessions - to know eroding versus medium-Uighur assistance of Japan, the Tibetan "aid" 3rd December 2011

◆ terrorism of independence celebrations Roberts lecture fancy 12th November 2011

◆ "so as to stop the deportation of Uighur exiles, petition seeking approach from the Government of Japan to Asian countries" 2 Oct 2011

◆ embassy protest to meet on Saturday China National Day 1st October Sep 26, 2011

◆ 5 days 23 Sep 2011 10 (Wed) Taiwan journalist forest Hohana teacher Tokyo Special Lecture

◆ 2011/08/13 (Sat) World Uyghur Congress condemns strongly that it has been forcibly returned to China from Pakistan anew

◆ 22月7日2011 (Fri) World Uyghur Congress: concern with multiple witness reports of Hotan incident

◆ radioactivity damage to know in (Sunday) Japan Uyghur Association sponsored screenings video July 31, 2011

◆ meeting to consider the exposure (day) Uyghur August 7, 2011

◆ (Sat) "two anniversary protests 7.5 Urumqi massacre" July 2, 2011

◆ radioactivity damage to know by Saturday, Japan Uyghur Association sponsored screenings video June 18, 2011

◆ 6 May 7 Erushiden-Isurairu Mr. 2011 deported Uighurs youth of more than 20 people restrained by his local is on the same day

◆ 6 04 World Uyghur Congress, 2011, concerned about repatriation to China from Kazakhstan Erushiden-Isurairu Mr. Uighur refugees

◆ "petition signatures for Uighur journalist released" Tuesday deadline May 31, 2011

◆ (gold) "message to everyone in Japan from the World Uyghur Congress Dorukun Mr." April 1, 2011

◆ "statement of condolences to the Japanese government from the World Uyghur Congress," March 14, 2011

◆ "Overview of human rights violations in East Turkestan" two moon Uyghur Congress Report 2011

◆ (Sat) "Save the prisoner of conscience" March 5, 2011 - actual situation of human rights oppression of the Chinese Communist Party -

◆ Announcement (Sat) Third Yining incident memorial event February 5, 2011

2011 or earlier

◆ (gold), "a statement of the time of World Human Rights Day" December 10, 2010

◆ "peace rally ask APEC the truth is silence" (Sat) Japan Uyghur Association organized November 6, 2010

◆ (gold) "Japan Uyghur Association Statement of the People's Republic of China during the 61 founding anniversary of" October 1, 2010

◆ 27日9, 2010 (Monday) Japan Uyghur Association sponsored "Uighur culture lecture"
"Buddhist culture of the 11th century East Turkestan Taklamakan basin from the second century"

◆ "past and future of the Uyghur movement" (Japan) Japan Uyghur Association Conference September 26, 2010
World Uyghur Congress Secretary-General Dorukun-Eisa

◆ Consider the nuclear exposure of Uyghur 65 anniversary (Sat) exposure August 7, 2010

◆ (month) "first anniversary protest 7.5 Urumqi massacre" (Sun) -5 days July 4, 2010

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